The Digital Library of the BSH

Publications from BSH, DHI, SHD and Deutsche Seewarte

The Digital Library of the BSH contains publications of the BSH and our predecessor institutions. Among the predecessor institutions are the German Hydrographic Institute (DHI), the Hydrographic Service of the GDR (SHD) and the German Naval Observatory. The Digital Library of the BSH uses the Goobi database and presentation software.

The focus of the collections is on historical photographs, publications by the BSH itself and publications by its staff. Both historical documents and current publications can be searched using the full-text or index search function.

Currently, the Digital Library is not yet accessible to the public. The activation is in preparation. Please contact the library for further information.

Presentation of some collections

Historical photos

Photos with subjects related to the German Naval Observatory, the German Hydrographic Institute (DHI) or the Hydrographic Service of the GDR (SHD) are provided in this collection. Historical photos are defined here as photos taken before 1985. The copyrights of the photos in this collection are usually held by the BSH. This means that the majority of the photos can also be used for lectures or publications.

Annual reports

In this collection you will find the annual reports of the Deutsche Seewarte, the DHI and the BSH. You can search the texts, browse through them or download individual pages, chapters or the entire document.


Special features and rarities from the BSH Library's holdings are offered in this collection. In contrast to the other collections, these documents are not necessarily in-house publications. Due to their age, however, they are not subject to any special copyright regulations and can be used without hesitation.

The collections are in different processing phases. Some collections are still in preparation, other collections already contain many documents. New documents are constantly being incorporated. Additional collections are also planned.