Training and development

Professional and personal development

Our staff’s development matters to us! We are continuously improving our personnel development programme and will guide you step by step through a variety of measures.

Induction phase

With the systematic induction of new members of staff, we want to ensure that you have an easy start to your career at the BSH. You will be given a welcome folder with all important information on your job even before you arrive. Social integration will begin with a personal welcome by the senior management and a mandatory introductory event. While your superiors will ensure systematic work familiarisation, your colleagues will support you throughout the induction phase.

Individual personnel development

As a scientific institution, we encourage our staff to regularly undergo further training and offer access to a wide range of internal and external advanced training programmes. We do not only promote professional development, but also the development of other skills and potentials. Our portfolio includes communication training, self-management and work organisation courses, and work-life balance seminars.

We promote the enhancement of intercultural competence and international skills and try to tailor qualification courses to the individual needs of our staff. Subject to vacancies, we encourage our staff to qualify for promotion to a higher career level. Performance and potentials are identified in regular appraisals to support the overall qualification process.

Systematic development of executive personnel

The systematic training of executive personnel is a cornerstone of the BSH personnel development programme. Every BSH executive undergoes a modular executive training programme to familiarize them with the specific requirements of their job and enhance their methodological, social and personal skills.

In addition to the executive basic training programme, relevant in-house training courses are offered to uphold and improve the BSH’s leadership standards. These in-house training activities are supplemented by an annual executive personnel symposium to promote an active exchange and cooperation at the executive level.

While developing our executive personnel is important, we are also always seeking to identify and support future leaders. We therefore encourage our executive personnel’s and project managers’ deputies to participate in seminars to prepare them for an executive function.