On the job

BSH as a modern workplace

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As a modern employer, the BSH promotes gender equality, and supports our staff in balancing life, family, care and work. Working in with mixed-aged teams, our employees use state-of-the-art technology. We understand that commitment and willingness to work is essential for creating and fostering a motivating working environment, and are fully committed to continuous improvement to the benefit of our clients and staff alike.

Our good working atmosphere is our key to success. We value our employees’ team skills and social competence, and follow modern management guidelines to keep them involved. We support our executive personnel and all other employees in shaping their career by offering various career development measures and are ready to take on the challenges of demographic change, increasing digitisation and internationalisation.

Our offer to you

Security of employment

BSH is a state employer, and accordingly our staff benefit from the public service’s security of employment.

Flexible working hours

Starting work not before noon or leaving early today? Within certain guidelines, we at BSH allow our employees to adapt their working hours to their rhythm of life. We offer flexible part-time work models and a generous flexitime scheme. Coordinate with your colleagues and superiors to adjust your working hours according to your individual needs. Overtime hours are not lost by any means. We have a time credit system that allows you to take additional hours or days off as you need them.

Regular working hours for full-time public employees total 39 hours a week. Civil servants normally work 41 hours a week, but can reduce their regular working hours to 40 hours to take on family responsibilities.

Telecommuting and mobile working

If permanent special health needs or family responsibilities don’t allow you to come to your desk in the BSH office every day, we may be able to offer a telecommuting arrangement, even for our executive level staff. In such a case, you will have to provide office space at or near your home and we will provide the equipment. Occasional mobile working at a place of their choice is open to all our staff including executive personnel who need to cover short term absences. This offer is currently limited to ten days per year and is subject to certain technical and service-related requirements.

Work and family responsibilities

If you experience any short-term issues with childcare, feel free to bring your child to work. For such an occasion, a parent’s office has been set aside in our Hamburg and Rostock facilities that includes a play area furnished with toys for children.

In the case of problems with other family responsibilities including the nursing of dependent persons, ElternService AWO GmbH welfare company’s branch Familienservice 2 is ready to establish contact to persons who can assist you and your environment.

Family or other reasons keep you from working full-time? BSH can offer you a variety of part-time work models for almost every post up to the executive level. Under certain conditions, temporary part-time arrangements are also possible. After the agreed period you may return to full-time employment to ensure the compatibility of family and work responsibilities.

Taking grandparental leave is an option if you want to take care of your grandchildren. The Caregiver Leave Act gives you the opportunity to support close family members at home and balance your work and family responsibilities. Learn more about the BSH as a family-friendly employer.

Payment transparency

Pay schedules and pay scales are based on objective criteria end ensure there is no gender pay gap for public employees and civil servants.

They are accessible to the public.

Public employees

  • You receive your monthly pay on the last day of the month.
  • You are entitled to annual extra payment (so-called Christmas allowance).
  • You are entitled to capital accumulation benefits.
  • You may earn performance-related bonuses or allowances for special achievements.

Civil servants

  • You are entitled to capital accumulation benefits.
  • You may earn performance-related bonuses or allowances for special achievements.

Annual and special leave

You are granted more paid time off than the legal minimum. Currently, the annual leave entitlement for public employees and civil servants working five days a week is 30 days, and 29 days for trainees. Staff who are exposed to special workloads and/or conditions, e.g. diving activities, may be granted up to three more days of additional leave. Severely disabled persons benefit from an additional leave of five days per year.

Upon request, any unused leave days may be carried forward at the end of the leave year, but must be taken by 31 December of the following year.

Extensive training opportunities tailored to your needs

Would you like to develop your personal and professional capabilities? We give you the opportunity to do so. Just get in touch with our personnel development division, who will assist you in finding the best way to achieve your goals. Together with the public service’s educational institutions, the BSH offers a variety of professional development activities. We also cooperate with other partners, and offer educational or special leave.

BSH staff working in the City of Hamburg are entitled to up to ten days of educational leave for advanced vocational training or civic education within a two-year period. Moreover, we offer some of our staff the opportunity to take part in in-service studies subject to our demand for subject-specific skills.

We are interested in supporting your professional development throughout your career. Team-oriented measures or personal coaching are well-established parts of our portfolio, for we consider expertise and soft skills both as valuable assets. Executive personnel will undergo various training modules, and are provided continuous support in various forums and courses.

Occupational pension scheme for an adequate pension

Employees join the statutory pension scheme. The benefits paid from the statutory pension scheme are supplemented by the Supplementary Pensions Agency for Federal and Länder Employees (VBL). From the first day of their training or employment, all trainees and employees are automatically registered in this compulsory supplementary pension scheme. Contributions are paid both by the trainee/employee and the public employer.