Invitation of tenders

Legal bases for the award procedures are usually in the BSH

  • the Sub-threshold Allocation Ordinance (UVgO) and
  • the Public Procurement Ordinance (VgV).

Note: Since 1 January 2011, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has only accepted electronic tenders via the Federal e-Tendering Platform for tendering procedures in its area of responsibility. This complies with the regulations of the then valid award and contract regulations for services - Part A (VOL/A) as well as the regulations of the currently valid UVgO or VgV.

At the address you will find comprehensive information on e-Awarding, participation in the electronic award procedure, the necessary technical requirements and on information, training and advisory services. Support does not replace legal advice.

Tender documents can now only be retrieved via the federal awarding platform.

You can prove your suitability by submitting a self-declaration in accordance with the Self-declaration Suitability form, as a prequalification or as a Uniform European Self-declaration (EEE).