Tasks of the Marine Sciences Department

  • Measurement and provision of current and climate-relevant oceanographic and marine chemical status data, information and forecasts from the North and Baltic Seas
  • Water level forecast and storm surge warning services for the North and Baltic Seas
  • Ice service and marine remote sensing
  • Drift and dispersion forecasts in case of marine pollution and maritime emergencies as well as to support search and rescue operations at sea
  • Planning and implementation of (continuous) measurement campaigns with research vessels, sampling at sea and operation of marine measurement networks
  • Chemical analyses in the accredited BSH laboratory and at sea
  • Monitoring of marine pollution by artificial radioactivity, pollutants and nutrients
  • Monitoring of emissions from ongoing shipping traffic by remote measurements
  • Oil forensic investigations for the characterisation of oil spills and for the identification of polluters
  • Design, construction and maintenance of marine equipment
  • Processing of marine geodata and provision in the publicly accessible GeoSeaPortal