Why is strategy an issue at BSH?

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency has a wide range of statutory tasks. Their implementation can sometimes lead to contradictory constellations. In order to implement these tasks in a high-quality and lasting manner, a consistent framework is required for orientation. The BSH strategy provides this framework.

The BSH manages the implementation of the statutory tasks in a targeted and strategic manner shaped by the BSH's formulated vision.

Information on BSH's vision

The vision is the foundation of the target system. This system comprises relevant targets relating to the BSH's main tasks. It also contains objectives for internal administration, such as personnel development, management/controlling and organisational development, as well as objectives for the development of the BSH's culture. The target system is illustrated in the BSH strategy map.

Strategic management at the BSH

Our vision and the target system form the framework. Decisions on new key aspects in the fulfilment of tasks, projects and measures as well as on resource allocation are based on this framework. The corresponding instrument is the BSH's strategic programme, which is updated regularly. It contains all strategically relevant areas that are dealt with in the short to medium term according to the decision of the BSH management. The strategic programme summarises the corresponding activities and measures in monitoring and controlling sheets.

Strategy meetings of the steering committee

Important dates in the BSH strategy process are the strategy meetings twice a year, where the BSH’s President meets with the department heads. Important lines of development for the specialist departments are jointly developed and evaluated. On this basis, the strategic programme is then reviewed and updated accordingly. The strategy unit supports the President and department heads in this work. The strategy unit constantly reviews the degree of implementation and the impacts achieved. It also provides regular status reports.

Targets and measures at BSH are not only set top-down, but are also developed jointly with the individual departments and their respective employees.