Quality management

The BSH Quality Management System

In order to continuously improve the quality of its processes and results, BSH operates a quality management system in its entire area of responsibility, which has been certified according to ISO 9001 by an independent accredited certification body. The concern of interested parties is the focus of this steering instrument.

The BSH quality management system is further developed on the basis of a long-term quality objective and implemented in accordance with short-term, regularly updated quality specifications. These include

  • the quality policy, in order to define clear objectives and specifications and to constantly adapt these to the changing requirements of the BSH, the safety of shipping and the marine environment,
  • Definition of the processes of the BSH in procedural instructions that are valid in addition to the general administrative regulations,
  • Regular internal quality audits and management reviews to examine the effectiveness of the quality management system.
Certificates and attestations of the BSH quality management system

Quality policy and QM measures

Quality objective

The quality objective of the BSH is to achieve the highest level of quality in the performance of its tasks. To this end, the following quality features must be observed for services, products and work processes and, if necessary, adapted to new or changed requirements.

Quality features

The essential quality features of the services and products are

  • the greatest possible customer orientation,
  • accuracy, reliability,
  • reliability,
  • timeliness,
  • prompt completion,
  • availability.

In order to achieve the quality objective, the work processes at BSH must be constantly optimized with regard to mutual coordination, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and minimum effort.


The following measures are carried out to improve the quality characteristics mentioned above:

Implementation of the quality management system.
In order to fulfil the quality objective, the present quality management system is maintained, which defines the necessary work processes, the associated roles with their respective responsibilities and the validation methods. This minimizes the possibility of errors in the development, production and distribution of products.

Evaluation of the economic efficiency and use of the technology.
Procedures and workflows are optimised through the use of modern methods/techniques and tools as far as possible and appropriate in order to improve the quality characteristics of the products and increase the efficiency of their manufacturing processes.

Organisation of work processes and training.
The BSH's work processes and the implementation of the quality management system are organised as effectively as possible. This also includes the qualification of employees for their tasks through appropriate training and further education measures.

As part of the annual planning process, special quality requirements are defined for the continuous improvement of BSH's processes and results. Quality targets are concrete, measurable parameters (especially values for quality characteristics) that are derived from the quality objective. Quality requirements that affect the entire BSH or several departments are defined annually by the President that affect one department by the department management. The short-term quality specifications are only defined after a target/actual comparison.