IMO Maritime Ambassador

IMO is a special organization of the United Nations headquartered in London. IMO was founded in Geneva in 1948. Currently, IMO has 173 Member States and about 300 employees. IMO’s mission are the regulation of all non-economic affairs of merchant shipping, the reduction of marine pollution and the improvement of the safety and the working conditions of seafarers.

Monika Breuch-Moritz was appointed IMO Maritime Goodwill Ambassador (IMO MA) in 2017 by the IMO after being nominated by the Federal Republic of Germany.

The aim of the IMO MA programme is to inform the public about the tasks of the IMO and to promote public perception of the maritime industry and seafaring professions. Even though the majority of the products that we can buy every day are transported by seagoing vessels and seafarers, the public perception of them has so far been limited. It is therefore Mrs Breuch-Moritz's particular concern to clarify this issue and to present and explain the considerable efforts that have been made in recent years in the field of international regulation, particularly in the field of environmental protection. The aim is to make seafaring professions thereby more attractive to young people.