Water levels and tides

North Sea aerial view

Water level forecast

The water level forecast is carried out in accordance with the Seeaufgabengesetz § 1 Absatz 9, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

The current water level forecasts as well as high water and low water warnings can be found at
Data: Water level forecast North Sea
Data: Water level forecast Baltic Sea

Tide forecasting

The tides are periodically repeating movements of the sea water. These movements are caused by the gravitational forces of the moon and the sun.

  • For more information on the tides at the German North Sea coast and on tide-related terms, please visit our topic page
  • Information on tide tables, tide calendars, ordering options for tidal data and online forecasting can be found on our data page

Additional Information


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Water level forecast service Baltic Sea +49 381 4563-781Fax: +49 381 4563-949