Changeability of wrecks

Underwater obstacles are subject to constant change. As the time spent on the seabed increases, the material changes and its stability is destroyed, among other things by the salt water and the sediment grains floating in the water. In the North Sea, the tidal current also plays an important role. Due to the constant change of the current, scouring can occur on the object up to complete undermining of the wreck. This can lead to an obvious and dangerous change in the least depth and location.

These possible changes make it necessary to check the underwater obstacles at regular intervals, especially on busy shipping routes.


Changeability of wrecks 1Changeability of wrecks 2

A wreck can slide into a scour with the bow and stern lifted.

In individual cases, a wreck undermined in the middle can break through and slide into the scour so that the bow and stern are lifted.

Changeability of wrecks 3Changeability of wrecks 4

The wreck is undermined in such a way that the bow and stern break into the scour.

A wreck lying on its side can be erected by undermining and become a dangerous obstacle.