Results of the hydrographic survey

The recorded depths are processed into depth models. The data is processed, checked and released in the hydrographic survey database (SDB). These hydrographic survey results are passed on to various customers. Nautical cartography at the BSH uses the released data for further processing in the nautical charts.


In the GeoSeaPortal of the BSH, digital grid models in 50 m resolution are available for download. The data are free of charge according to GeoZG.

To GeoSeaPortal

Baltic Sea Bathymetry Database

The BSH data are also available through international platforms such as the BSHC.

To Baltic Sea Bathymetry Database

On special request, digital data, for example in a 1 m grid, can be made available on an FTP server. A fee may be charged depending on the amount of work involved.

Topographic map of the sea floor

The "Topographic map of the sea floor" (TKS) for the German area of the North Sea and Baltic Sea, produced using the method commonly used until 2013, can be obtained digitally as a PDF file on request.