Reports to BSH

Reports on nautical charts and sea books

We also depend on your support for the maintenance of the nautical charts and publications. Any report to correct or complete nautical publications serves the safety of all seafarers.

Therefore we ask you: Please let us know if you notice any discrepancies.

Central contact address Nautical Information Service:

And so you can support us:

  • Use the Nautical Report form (only available in german) for your message, which is included in the NfS from time to time.
    You are welcome to send the Nautical Report (in PDF format) together with other files such as photos and soundings by e-mail to the above address.

  • Please provide details of the nautical charts or publications:
    o Issuing country,
    o Title and chart number or book number,
    o Date of issue used,
    o Date of last correction/last addition.
  • Send us sketches or photos of conspicuous objects so that we can improve the relevant information (Sailing Directions, Part C "Fairways, anchorages and ports").
    In some countries, however, photographing, sketching or surveying the coastal area is prohibited. Always observe the applicable regulations at any time!

    We ask for sketches or photos of:
    o Landmarks,
    o Port entrances,
    o Lighthouses,
    o Bridge crossings,
    o Beacons,
    o Sections of the coast.

    Please pay attention to this:
    o The objects should be photographed from the sea and should be clearly visible on the photos,
    o for a longer coastal stretch a sketch with the location of the most important photographed objects is very helpful,
    o each photo/sketch must be accompanied by an indication of the location from which the photo/sketch was taken

  • Share with us the results of soundings, especially from less surveyed areas. They contribute to a better knowledge of the shape of the seabed. Soundings are extremely important when it comes to previously unknown shallows or reefs that pose a danger to shipping.

Reports on disposal facilities

We are also dependent on your support for up-to-date information on disposal options and reception facilities for oils and oily mixtures as well as residues of harmful liquid substances in ports. That is why we ask you:

  • Inform us about deficiencies in disposal options and reception facilities in ports,

  • Use the form for reporting alleged inadequacies of reception facilities in ports.
    From time to time it is included in the NfS; you can also find it in the information on the MARPOL Convention.

    The BSH forwards your information to the IMO or the Helsinki Commission.