Chart correction service

The BSH offers a free correction service to the charts and books published by the BSH for shipping where carriage requirement doesn’t apply. It has been prepared with the best possible care, but does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness.

For shipping under the carriage requirement only the Notices to Mariners (NfS) offer the official correction service.

Please note that always corrected and valid editions of the charts must be carried aboard. The correction service is designed to help you to do this. The correction date (year, day and month) is indicated on the lower left-hand edge of the charts and on each individual sheet of the charts for small vessels and pleasure craft, and corresponds to the date of an NfS edition. All corrections published up to this date (except P- and T-messages) as well as cover pages are incorporated into these charts or individual pages.

The following overviews show all corrections to nautical charts or individual sheets of charts for small and pleasure craft for the Baltic Sea and North Sea since the last new edition; as collective corrections or cover sheets. Please note: The cover pages are offered as PDF files. In order to obtain a true-to-scale printout, switch off the "Reduce to fit", "Page size" or "Adjust to page size" options in the "Print" dialog box.

Further information as well as excerpts or summaries from the NfS issues can be found under Notices to Mariners.

Correction service Baltic Sea

In the following module you will find the information in english as well:
Baltic Sea – Nautical charts
Baltic Sea – Small and sport boat charts

Seekarten - Ostsee

Klein- und Sportschifffahrtskarten - Ostsee

Die bisherigen Kartensätze für die Klein- und Sportschifffahrt für die Ostsee werden sukzessive durch neue nationale Seekarten im Format DIN-A1 ersetzt.
Die aktuelle Verfügbarkeit wird online veröffentlicht.

Correction service North Sea

In the following module you will find the information in english as well:
North Sea – Nautical charts
North Sea – Small and sport boat charts
The small and sport boat charts for the North Sea and the Kiel Canal have been replaced by national nautical charts in DIN A1 format.

Seekarten - Nordsee

Klein- und Sportschifffahrtskarten - Nordsee

Berichtigungsservice Klein- und Sportschifffahrtskarten Nordsee

Die Klein- und Sportschifffahrtskarten für die Nordsee und den Nord-Ostsee-Kanal sind durch regionale Seekarten im DIN-A1-Format ersetzt.

Shallow depths

The Waterways and Shipping Administration Office (WSA) Baltic Sea publishes in its Notification for Seafarers (BfS) the temporary shallows for the German Baltic Sea coast. The overview shows you the corresponding shallow depths sorted by area. Shallow depths for the German North Sea coast may be published in the NfS.

The shallow depths can only be found in German.

Measuring instruments

The responsible Waterways and Shipping Administration Offices (WSA) publish in their Notification for Seafarers (BfS) the measuring instruments which are temporarily available in the German navigational warning area (coastal waters and exclusive economic zone) in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. The BfS contain further information on the number of measuring points, the exact geographical location, the affected maps, the expected duration as well as special remarks.

For further information on measuring instruments see also IHO Circular Letter 30/2000 and Handbuch für Brücke und Kartenhaus (BSH-No. 20001).