Marine equipment, Market surveillance

ATAIR ship bridge

The BSH tests equipment and monitors the market

The information in this section is aimed primarily at manufacturers of marine equipment, but also at shipping companies, ship surveyors and other customers.

International specifications and their national implementation regulate the testing, approval and market surveillance of marine equipment. The accredited testing laboratory of the BSH can carry out tests for both national and international approvals. If equipment meets the requirements of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED), notified bodies issue the corresponding EU certificates. The BSH is the national supervisory authority for the recognition and monitoring of notified bodies in Germany.

Treatment of ballast water

The approval of a ballast water treatment system as well as the equipment of a ship with such a system takes place according to the specifications of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and corresponding implementation in Germany. Ballast water treatment systems are not listed in the MED and are therefore not subject to the approval procedure or market surveillance according to MED. Further information on this subject can be found on this website under Ballast Water Management Systems.