Notified bodies

Notified bodies under MED

The certification of marine equipment in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) is carried out exclusively by notified bodies. These notified bodies can be located in any European member state (or EFTA state). The respective national supervisory authority is responsible for recognition and monitoring.

Notified bodies in Germany

In Germany, notified bodies are recognised and monitored by the BSH. There are currently 6 notified bodies in Germany. You can find these on our German page.

How can I become a notified body?

The BSH is responsible for the recognition and monitoring of German notified bodies. Nomination and notification are carried out according to the notification rules of the BSH (German) (PDF, 115KB, Not barrier-free file.). The application can be made informally or using the Antragsformular (doc, 66KB, Not barrier-free file.)
After successfully completing the designation and notification procedure, the new notified body will be included in the European NANDO database. This database containes all notified bodies in Europe.

Monitoring of notified bodies

The German notified bodies are reviewed at least every two years. The BSH reserves the right at any time to carry out a case-by-case examination as part of its supervisory activities.