National approval

The BSH issues a national approval for marine equipment which is subject to approval under German law but for which there are no internationally harmonised requirements. If the national approval guarantees the same level of safety that another European country requires for its ships, the other European country must recognise the national approval of the BSH. The same rules apply to the validity of national approvals granted for a limited period of time as to the validity of EU approvals granted for a limited period of time. Approvals for marine equipment (formerly listed in Annex A.1 of the Marine Equipment Directive) issued by the BSH until 31 December 2015 are valid throughout the EU.

Application for examination/approval

Please use this form for an application for a test and test report, certificate of conformity or national approval and also refer to the instructions for electronic forms. You can fill in this form online, print it out and save it locally or print it out blank and fill it in manually.

Application for a test and test report, statement of conformity or an approval of navigational and radiocommunication equipment

Guide (for filling out) – Electronic Forms (PDF, 119KB, Not barrier-free file.)

Here you will find information on the fees for a test/an approval. The device list (only available in German) shows you which devices are assigned to which device category. The device category A to F mean fees in different amounts.

Recognition of an approval from another EU country

The BSH may recognise the national approval of another EU country for a device if this device meets the required standards with regard to safety, health and suitability for use (Regulation (EU) 2019/515 on the mutual recognition of approvals). The certificate of a classification society cannot be recognized as a national approval of an EU country! You should always have the approval documents of such a device on board for presentation during inspections.

The manufacturer or distributor can submit an informal application to the BSH for recognition of his approval from another EU country. With the application, the distributor must submit the approval documents as well as any existing test reports. With a recognition the BSH certifies that the device meets the required standards and is accepted as equivalent.

All products approved by the BSH can be found in the the following section in the lists of marine equipment approved and recognised by the BSH.

Equipment with national approval from the BSH

Approvals as from 1 January 1999

For questions regarding marine equipment for which the BSH has issued a national approval since 1 January 1999, please contact the contact person on the left to this text.

According to the "Binnenschiffs-Untersuchungsordnung" (Inland Vessel Inspection Ordinance (BinSchUO)) compasses and transmitting heading devices on inland vessels must be type-tested and approved by the BSH. Approvals of other member states of the European Union or of another signatory state to the Agreement on the European Economic Area are recognised if their equivalence has been proven. Sound signal appliances must comply with the COLREG regulations and are type-tested by the BSH.

The marking of the approved navigation equipment must be permanently affixed in such a way that it is clearly visible even after the equipment has been installed on board.

Approvals until 1 January 1999

Marine equipment approved by the BSH up to and including 31 December 1998 can be found in the BSH-Zulassungen bis 31.12.1998 (PDF, 4MB, Not barrier-free file.) of BSH approvals up to 31 December 1998.

Radio-communication equipment

Information on maritime and inland waterways radiocommunication can be found on the website of the Bundesnetzagentur für Elektrizität, Gas, Telekommunikation, Post und Eisenbahnen, Außenstelle Hamburg.
Under "Aktuelle Informationen zu Funkanlagen des See- und Binnenschifffahrtsfunks" you will also find the two documents "Hinweis zu See-und Binnenschifffahrtsfunkanlagen" and "Hinweisezu UKW-Sprechfunkgerätendes Seefunkdienstes " (in german only).