Prosecution of environmental violations 2020

Administrative offences in 2020

Statistics on administrative offences pursuant to Maritime Environmental Behaviour Regulations (SeeUmwVerhV), in conjunction with the MARPOL Convention, the Ballast Water Management Convention and the AFS-Convention for 2020
Breakdown byAnnex I (oil)Annex II (noxious liquid sub­stances)Annex IV (Ship sewage)Annex V (Waste)Annex VI (Air pollution)Total MARPOLBallastwater-ConventionAFS-Convention Total
Controls by the water ways police8865792510737643705829-4534
Infringements detected2449117316138824280-1104
Penalty notices*33111301893591153
Warnings with penalty8304883521087-297
Fines imposed-----72601133
Reports to flag state**-----00-0
Total amount of fines imposed in Euros-----34.500,0022.350,001.200,0058.050,00

* Since an investigation case may contain investigations against more than one person concerned with several offences, the total number of documented procedural results may exceed the number of investigation cases.
** Flag state notifications are pending, but are not processed at the moment as relevant decree pending.