Statistics on environmental administrative offences

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) is the competent authority for the prosecution and sanctioning of a number of administrative offences by shipping against international conventions, European and national regulations for the protection of the marine environment.

The Regulations on Environmentally Sustainable Behaviour in Maritime Shipping (Maritime Environmental Behaviour Regulations /SeeUmwVerhV) is the relevant legal basis for this.
The following person shall be deemed to have committed an administrative offence:

  • whoever, as a person responsible on board a ship, fails to keep proper records of oil, cargo and waste.
  • whoever discharges the following substances into the sea, contrary to the discharge regulations of the MARPOL Convention

    • oil
    • harmful liquid substances
    • ship-generated waste or
    • ship sewage
  • whoever disregards the provisions on the prevention of air pollution, in particular threshold values for the reduction of NOx and SOx emissions from shipping.

From 2018, statistical data relating to MARPOL Conventions is supplemented by statistical data relating to the Ballast Water Management Convention, and from 2019, additionally by statistical data relating to the AFS-Convention.


Tables of administrative offences