Research and development

Test tubes

The BSH's research and development activities are application-oriented and support the BSH in carrying out its tasks.

In order to meet these requirements, BSH provides a wide range of services for maritime shipping, in particular for safety and the necessary environmental protection. The completion of these tasks requires sound knowledge of shipping and the sea, a high level of professional competence, reliable continuity and intensive national and international cooperation.

Politics and society need science-based advice. Only through excellent, targeted research and development can the technical and scientific services be designed in such a way that they cover the applications required by BSH customers from politics, industry, public authorities and science and can pick up on future trends.

Many research topics require an interdisciplinary approach. For this reason, they are mainly dealt with in close cooperation with other departmental research institutions, university and non-university research institutes and industry. This often involves transferring new findings from basic research into practice and providing science with reliable data and products.

The BSH's "Research and Development Framework" provides an overview of the research fields relevant to the BSH. Further information on individual research activities can be found in the annual report "Research and Development Activities".