As part of its R&D activities, BSH works on major research projects, so-called R&D projects. These are often projects funded by third parties. These third-party-funded projects are usually multi-year collaborative projects that are carried out as part of a consortium, i.e. with suitable national and international project partners.

Due to the interconnected concepts, the results are generally made available to the public via the projects' or alliances' own websites.

Awarding of contracts

The BSH also awards R&D contracts to third parties from its own budget or on behalf of the BMVI and other departments. These contracts can be awarded within the framework of projects. The aim is to contribute to a better and more efficient performance of the BSH's specialist tasks through new research and development approaches or innovative analysis methods.

As a rule, these awards of contracts therefore represent definable sub-projects whose results flow directly into projects and the implementation of the BSH's specialist tasks. As a rule, these partial results are not published.

The current status of the R&D projects (projects and contracts) is published in the brochure "Research and Development Activities" at the beginning of each year. This brochure presents in detail the research priorities from the Departments of Marine Sciences (M), Nautical Hydrography (N), Management of the Sea (O) and Maritime Shipping (S), together with the corresponding projects.