Current projects and plans

North Sea buoy III

Below you will find an overview of the current projects and contracts awarded by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH), by subject area:

Projects and plans by topic

Support maritime shipping and maritime economy

ProjectsDurationDescription (German)
Laser bathymetry in coastal areas of the North Sea
2021 - 2024Contract awarded
EMODNet HRSM (Phase 1 und 2)
High Resolution Seabed Mapping
2016 - 2022Project
Development of a model-based information system on the water quality of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea
2021 - 2023Project
Modeling of scrubber wastewater discharge
2021 - 2024Project
New Copernicus Capability on Trophic Ocean Networks
2023 - 2026Project
AI-based detection and extraction of stones in acoustic data sets through integrated processing of geometric and radiometric echo sounder signals
2021 - 2024Project
Satellite-based operational deployment planning in sea surveying through integrated processing of multispectral Sentinel-2 satellite image sequences
2022 - 2024Project
UnDaWatA - Unstructured Data - Webservices and Technical Analysis
Conversion of unstructured geodata into a structured form for use in interoperable Open Geospatial Consortium compliant services
2021 - 2022Project

Strengthen maritime safety and environmental protection

ProjectsDurationDescription (German)
Galileo GPS Jamming und Spoofing Detektion, Ortung und Störunterdrückung für behördliche Nutzer
2019 - 2023Contract awarded
Evaluation of algorithms for nautical applications
2023Contract awarded
Accompanying study for the Experience Building Phase of the Ballast Water Convention
2018 - 2022Project
Periodically unattended ship's bridge
2019 - 2022Project
Marpol V
Evaluation of reception facilities and disposal conditions of cargo residues of solid bulk cargoes
2021 - 2023Contract awarded
Shipping contributions to inland pollution push for the enforcement of regulations
2019 - 2023Project
Impact of shipping emissions on air quality and deposition in (German) marine and coastal areas (HZG)
2019 - 2022Contract awarded

Promote sustainable use of the sea


ProjectsDurationDescription (German)
Emerging ecosystem-based Maritime Spatial Planning topics in North and Baltic Seas Region
2021 - 2023



FINO (Phase 6)
Operation and expansion of the FINO database, continuation of oceanographic measurement operations FINO1, FINO2 and FINO3
2018 - 2024Project
Towards the cross-regional unification and harmonization of applicable assessment approaches for impulsive noise in regard of special requirements from EU Regions and Subregions
2021 - 2022Project
Assessment approaches for ecological monitoring from the implementation of the WindSeeG, the Ballast Water Convention and the MSRL at the BSH
2020 - 2023Contract awarded
MultiBird III
Scientific analyses of the offshore occurrence of migratory birds using an integrated database of monitoring and research data from a multi sensor system
2019 - 2022Contract awarded
OffChEm I + II
Possible impacts on the marine environment and their assessment
2017 - 2023Contract awarded
Acquisition and analysis of load, logistics and lifetime relevant data of offshore wind turbines
2020 - 2025Project
Sound Scaping
Research, modeling and conscious design of the underwater soundscape through the use of technical noise reduction measures in the North and Baltic Seas
2020 - 2023Contract Awarded

Continuity of measurements

ProjectsDurationDescription (German)
Further development of the multifunctional monitoring buoy for operational use to fulfil the tasks within the framework of marine environmental monitoring
2023 - 2024Contract awarded
TMCO 2.0 - DArgo2025, C-Scope
Towards Marine Carbon Observation 2.0
2020 - 2023Project

Provide competent information on the state of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea

ProjectsDurationDescription (German)
CMEMS 2 Copernicus
Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Serviceernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service
2015 - 2026Service
DAM - en route data
Automated connection to international portals
2021 - 2025Project
Evaluation of pH Measurements
Evaluation and operationalisation of spectrophotometric pH measurement for monitoring marine acidification in the Baltic Sea
2019 - 2022Contract awarded
Freak Waves II
Investigations on the occurrence of extreme waves in the North Sea
2021 - 2024Contract awarded
Monitoring pilot test of the aspects of eutrophication and pelagic habitats in the North Sea
2020 - 2023Project
MuSSeL - Multiple Stressors on North Sea Life2020 - 2023Project
Sediment Mapping AWZ
Area-wide high-resolution sediment mapping of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the North Sea and Baltic Sea
2017 - 2025Project


As part of its R&D activities, BSH works on major research projects, so-called R&D projects. These are often projects funded by third parties. These third-party-funded projects are usually multi-year collaborative projects that are carried out as part of a consortium, i.e. with suitable national and international project partners.

Awarding of contracts

The BSH also awards R&D contracts to third parties from its own budget or on behalf of the BMDV and other departments. These contracts can be awarded within the framework of projects. The aim is to contribute to a better and more efficient performance of the BSH's specialist tasks through new research and development approaches or innovative analysis methods.