Completed projects

Argo Floats

The projects and contract awards of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH), which were recently completed, can be found below by topic:

Completed projects and award of contracts

Support maritime shipping and the maritime economy

ProjectsDurationDescription (German)
Improved method for determining spatio-temporal resolved waterborne sound velocity profiles
2019 - 2021Project
AI-based assistance for forensic investigations at sea
2019 - 2022Project
Finalising Surveys for the Baltic Motorways of the Sea - TP 4
2015 - 2019Website
SSR-RTK Correction data service for highly accurate positioning in the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the North Sea
2020 - 2022Contract awarded
Pilot Project Climate and Water Projection Service for Waterways and Shipping
2017 - 2021Project
Final report

Strengthen maritime safety and environmental protection

ProjectsDurationDescription (German)
Architecture and Testbed for Realtime Safe and Secure Services
2017 - 2020Project
Galileo GPS Jamming and Spoofing Detection. Location and interference suppression for governmental users
2019 - 2021Contract awarded
Completing management options in the Baltic Sea Region to reduce risk of invasive species introduction by shipping
2017 - 2020Project
Integration of high-resolution marine geodata into electronic navigation systems as a basis for autonomous ship navigation
2017 - 2020Project
Final report
Environmental Impacts of Exhaust gas cleaning systems for the reduction of SOx on ships
2020 - 2023Project
Final report
Supplement A
Supplement B
Development of a monitoring and evaluation system for paraffins and other chemical substances on the coasts of the German North and Baltic Seas
2020 - 2021Project
R-Mode Baltic
Ranging Mode for the Baltic Sea. Development of international solutions to further guarantee and increase safety and environmental protection in maritime transport
2017 - 2021


R-Mode Baltic 2
Ranging Mode for the Baltic Sea. Development of international solutions to further guarantee and increase safety and environmental protection in maritime transport
2017 - 2020Project
Scrubber Washwater Survey (SWS)
Investigation of the effects on the marine environment of scrubbing water from exhaust gas cleaning systems on seagoing vessels (so-called "scrubbers")
2016 - 2019Project
Ship Sewage Study
Development of a Best Practice Guidance for the receipt of ship's sewage in ports in the Baltic Sea special area
2017 - 2018Contract awarded
Identification of those responsible for marine water pollution by highly viscous persistent floating products with special focus on paraffins
2016 - 2019Project

Promote sustainable use of the sea

ProjectsDurationDescription (German)
Assessment approaches Underwater sound monitoring
Study on assessment approaches for underwater noise monitoring in the context of offshore licensing and spatial planning procedures, Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)
2016 - 2018Contract awarded
Approaches to cost reduction in the collection of monitoring data for offshore projects, development of the central specialist information network for environmental assessments
2016 - 2020Project
Baltic LINes
Coherent Linear Infrastructures in Baltic Maritime Spatial Plans
2016 - 2019Website
Assessment approaches for sound monitoring and environmental testing
2019 - 2022Contract awarded
ERaErfahrungsbericht Rammschall
Processing and provision of data from hydro-acoustic monitoring to determine the current state of the art in the development of noise reduction systems; Assessment of Effects of Offshore Wind Energy Facilities on the Marine Environment
2016 - 2019

Contract awarded

Non-technical Summary

FIS Schall Phase II
Design and development of an information system for monitoring underwater noise in the German North and Baltic Sea
2016 - 2018Contract awarded
Marlin III
Development of the neobiota module
2021 - 2022Contract awarded
Modelling effects offshore WEA
("DeMoBird", "CPOD", "FaunaGuard")
Modelling and assessment of possible cumulative effects of the construction and operation of offshore wind farms
2017 - 2020"CPOD"
MultiBird II
Scientific analyses of the offshore occurrence of migratory birds using an integrated database of monitoring and research data from a multi sensor system
2016 - 2018Contract awarded
A North Sea Perspective on Shipping, Energy and Environmental Aspects in Maritime Spatial Planning
2016 - 2021Project
OffChem I
Material emissions from offshore installations: Possible impacts on the marine environment and their assessment
2017 - 2021Contract awarded
PanBaltic SCOPE
Active support for the implementation of the EU directive on maritime spatial planning and the objectives defined by the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy and the EU2020 Strategy
2018 - 2019Website
Forecast of regional and local bird migration and cumulative bird strike risk at offshore wind turbines
2016 - 2018Contract awarded
RAVE Offshoreservice - Research at alpha ventus
Oceanographic and structural dynamic measurements in the offshore test field "alpha ventus" and further development of monitoring concepts for offshore wind farms
2017 - 2020Website
SEANSE - Strategic Environmental Assessment North Sea
Develop and review an approach to strategic environmental assessments with a focus on renewable energy
2018 - 2020Project
Development of a seismic soil model of the German North Sea in the area of designated wind farm areas based on high-resolution multi-channel seismic data of the University of Bremen
2017 - 2020Contract awarded
SOUND Mapping
Standards, Tools and Visualization.
Interactive underwater sound maps: Development of standardized procedures for the evaluation and provision of data from underwater sound monitoring
2017 - 2020Project
Provision of environmental information from research projects and monitoring of offshore wind farms as well as establishment of long-term technical information systems for seabird, harbour porpoise and benthos data
Gutachten zum Regenerationspotenzial benthischer Biotoptypen in der AWZ der Nordsee nach temporären anthropogenen Störungen (PDF, 2MB, Not barrier-free file.)
2017 - 2019Contract awarded
Provision of environmental information from research projects and monitoring of offshore wind farms as well as establishment of long-term technical information systems for seabird, harbour porpoise and benthos data
2016 - 2018Contract awarded

Continuity of measurements

ProjectsDurationDescription (German)
EA-RISE (Euro-Argo RISE)
Euro-Argo Research Infrastructure Sustainability and Enhancement
2019 - 2022Project
Euro-Argo ERIC
Final Results
Development of a monitoring buoy, focus on oceanographic measurement technology and its testing
2016 - 2021Project
Monitoring the Oceans and Climate Change with Argo
2017 - 2020Project
UV LiBS – UV light as anti-fouling protection. Development of an antifouling system based on UV-C LEDs to improve the data quality of stationary oceanographic measurements at MARNET stations2018 - 2019Contract awarded

Provide competent information on the state of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea

ProjectsDurationDescription (German)
Preparation of a stratigraphic database for use in high-resolution and regionalised morphodynamic simulation models
2019 - 2022Project
EasyGSH-Deutsche Bucht
Generation of application-oriented synoptic reference data on geomorphology, sedimentology and hydrodynamics in the German Bight
2017 - 2020Project
High Resolution Seabed Mapping
2016 - 2018Website
Extension of KLIWAS-North Sea Climatology to the Baltic Sea
2016 - 2018Contract awarded
Final report
Freak Waves
Study on the occurrence of extreme waves in the North Sea in times of climate change
2016 - 2018Website
Final report
Joint Monitoring Programme for Ambient Noise in the North Sea
2018 - 2022Project
Measurement of Shipping Emissions in the Marine Troposphere
Further development of continuous land-based and ship-based ship emission measurements to monitor MARPOL (VI) and EU sulphur guideline limits
2015 - 2018Project
MiKlip II
Creation of a model system that allows reliable statements on climate development and extreme weather conditions
2015 - 2018Website
National contact point for marine Copernicus services, ensuring independent access to reliable earth observation information for Europe
2015 - 2018Website
NOAH – Synthese (NOAH2)
North Sea Observation and Assessment of Habitats
Recording and evaluation of pollutant budgets and processes in the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
2016 - 2019Project
OA TWS IOC (Ocean Acidification)
Organization of the Argo measuring network with biogeochemical sensors and support of the IOC - International Oceanographic Commission in the coordination of tsunami warning systems
2017 - 2019Project
Extending the Ocean Data Interoperability Platform
Improvement of the data situation and extension of the European activities of the Sea-Data-Net project to the USA and Australia
2015 - 2018Website
PIMO (MSRL-Schall)
Pilot monitoring of impulsive and continuous underwater sound discharges into the German seas under the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)
2016 - 2019Project
Regional Atlantic Circulation in Global Change: Changes and impacts on climate and coastal protection in Western Europe and Germany
2016 – 2018Website
Multidisciplinary Data Centers for Access and Marine Data Management
2016 - 2020Project
Evaluation and operationalisation of spectrophotometric pH measurement for monitoring marine acidification in the Baltic Sea
2018 - 2022Contract awarded
Towards fiducial reference measurements of seasurface temperature by European drifters
2018 - 2021Project

The R&D projects are published annually in the form of the brochure "Forschungs- und Entwicklungsaktivitäten" (Research and Development Activities). We can provide you with the publications for previous years on request. The contact details for research and development are available above.