Monitoring systems

Baltic Sea station Fehmarn Belt

Monitoring for the assessment of the state of the seas

Marine observation systems make it possible to collect numerous data over a long period of time. Various measurement systems are used for this marine monitoring:

  • regular monitoring cruises with research vessels,
  • firmly moored stations at sea,
  • buoys floating freely in the sea and
  • satellite-based remote sensing.

The resulting data series form the basis for monitoring the climate and evaluating climate changes both in the atmosphere and in the ocean.

The aim of the BSH's marine environment monitoring is to obtain observational data systematically and on a long-term basis. The review and evaluation of these data allows conclusions to be drawn about the state of the oceans and about changes in the marine climate and marine communities.

The BSH works in national and international projects and cooperations to improve observation systems. Better marine monitoring makes it possible to provide high quality data series for subsequent use.