RAVE: Research at alpha ventus

StationPosition (width) Position (length)Water depth
Alpha Ventus54° 0′ 30″ N6° 35′ 54″ O29m


The RAVE research initiative has been carrying out research and development work in the first German offshore test field alpha ventus since 2009. In this way, the research initiative generates experience and knowledge that will advance the establishment and further development of German offshore wind energy. RAVE is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

More than 60 partners from science and industry have worked on a broad spectrum of research questions in more than 30 research projects. The topics range from ecological issues to the further development of the turbines and foundations to the optimisation of the entire wind farm operation.

Since 2009, four of the 12 wind turbines, the transformer substation and the wind farm itself have been receiving measurement data from a large number of sensors as part of RAVE. The measurement programme includes plant-specific measurements in the rotor, nacelle, tower and foundation structure, such as strain and acceleration measurements and the recording of operating parameters. The environmental measurements include meteorological and oceanographic parameters such as wind, temperature, swell, current and water level. Further information can be found on the RAVE website.

The aim of RAVE is to promote research for offshore wind energy and to make this worldwide unique data available for research purposes. All measurement data are stored in the RAVE research archive, which is operated by the BSH, and can be downloaded.

The use of this data is subject to special regulations which the user undertakes to comply with by entering into the RAVE Data Usage Agreement. This must be signed by the user and the original must be sent to the BSH by post. The text of the contract cannot be changed. Special regulations apply to some very confidential data. Please register at BSH-Login to access this data.

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