FINO – Database information

Research platforms in the North Sea and Baltic Sea

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The FINO-database provides oceanographic and meteorological data collected at the three FINO-stations in the North and Baltic Sea.

StationLatitudeLongitudeWater depthAvailable since
FINO154° 00.892' N06° 35.258' E30m2003
FINO255° 00.422' N
13° 09.251' E24m2014
FINO355° 11.702' N
07° 09.490' E

A list of the collected and available parameters as well as their metadata is listed below:


  • Temperature
  • Salinity
  • Oxygen
  • Current velocity
  • Sea state
  • Water level
  • Turbidity, Fluorescence, ChlA

Metadata FINO1
Metadata FINO2
Metadata FINO3


  • Wind direction
  • Wind velocity
  • Air pressure
  • Air temperature
  • Air humidity
  • UV radiation
  • Precipitation

Metadata FINO1
Metadata FINO2
Metadata FINO3

The FINO-Wind project has developed a standardized automated quality control with subsequent manual post-control of the meteorological data for all FINO stations. These quality-controlled data sets are now available in the FINO-database. Further information can be found on the DWD-website and in our press release.

Generally applies:

  • English names of the meteorological parameters: for all FINO stations (independent of the measuring institute) standardized quality-controlled data

    • provided by default
  • German names for the meteorological parameters: manually quality control of the measuring institutes (depending on the measuring institute)

    • available at request

In the following you will find database identifiers - together with the metadata they give you an overview of the available meteorological data.

Database identifier FINO1
Database identifier FINO2
Database identifier FINO3

Structural dynamics

No structural dynamic data is available in the database.