Sources of supply

Publications available for a fee

Are you an end customer or a private individual?

If you are an end customer or private individual and would like to purchase a BSH publication subject to a fee, please contact a bookseller or leisure boat supplier directly. This applies both to the printed and digital editions of the NfS and to printed nautical charts. You cannot order these products directly from the BSH.

The electronic chart records (ENCs) can only be obtained from authorised sales partners (Value Added Resellers or VARs).

Are you a retailer?

If you are a retailer and would like to purchase any of our products, please contact directly with your order. You will no longer be able to purchase our products through resellers.

All BSH products that are available in print are subject to the General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Printed Products as of 01.01.2019 (only available in German).

Publications free of charge

You can download many of our brochures and leaflets free of charge from this website.
Please contact the BSH press office if a free download is not available.

Additional Information


Press and Public Relations (BSH) +49 40 3190-1012Fax: +49 40 3190-5000

Product catalogue

Further information on nautical products such as ENCs, paper charts with current corrections or sea manuals can be found in the product catalogue.

Nautical Product Catalogue