Spatial grid plan

Since the decisions on the energy transition in June 2011 and the associated amendments to the law, the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has had the task of drawing up a sectoral plan for electricity networks. This Spatial offshore grid plan systematically plans the grid connections of offshore wind farms in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). It therefore includes a forward-looking and coordinated overall planning. It contains standardised technical specifications and planning principles for environmentally and spatially compatible implementation. The Spatial offshore grid plan was drawn up separately for the North Sea EEZ and the Baltic Sea EEZ.

Spatial offshore grid plan in the North Sea Exclusive Economic Zone

Spatial offshore grid plan in the Baltic Sea Exclusive Economic Zone

For further information, please visit: Bundesfachpläne Offshore.


The BSH has published minimum requirements for environmental investigations and, at the request of the maritime industry, minimum requirements for technical and design documents in the form of the following standards. These standards were developed by representatives of the maritime industry and science and consulted with offshore associations. Standards shall be updated as necessary on the basis of experience and progress in standardisation.

Offshore Standards (German)

Offshore Standards (English)

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