Tide tables and tide calendars

The BSH produces two publications with tidal data each year. The tide tables (2023) contain detailed forecasts (times and heights) for 38 European ports. They are supplemented by mean tide curves and co-tidal charts as well as tidal differences and characteristic tidal values for about 700 other locations. The first chapters contain detailed defnitions of tidal terms und examples for application.

The compact tide calender (2023) provides information on high and low water times at about 180 tide gauge locations in the German Bight and its river basins. Both publications can be obtained from boat equipment suppliers and booksellers.

Downloading and ordering tidal data

Please use the tool on this page (tab Download-Bereich) to download tidal predictions for one calendar year in standard formats.

You can use this form (German) to order individual tidal data (e.g. different reference height) for one year at a time.

The terms and conditions, which are contained in the BSH's user fee regulation (German), apply to the transmission and use of digital tidal data. Please note, that the supply with tidal data in non-standard formats comes with a fee of 25€ per station starting with the sixth station per year.

Online predictions

Use the following application to display predictions of high and low water. Choose a location from the list (tab Liste) or on the map (tab Karte).

Use the link below the table (icon: yellow star) to open the individual website of the chosen location. You can bookmark this view or integrate it into your own website.