Marine Forecast

Map of Northern Europe as start screen of the Marine Forecast application; link opens application of Marine Forecast

Marine Forecast for the North and Baltic Seas

Marine Forecast is an internet application that provides current data and information from the meteorological and oceanographic field. The data are current measurement and forecast data on different topics, which can be combined in different ways.

Application Marine Forecast.

Target audience and content

The application is targeted at recreational sailors, wind farm operators, shipping companies and tourists. They will be able to compile the information that is interesting and important to them across topics.
The data and services used are provided by the BSH and the DWD. Among others, the following information is available:

  • DWD warnings for the North and Baltic Seas
  • Tidal current forecast for the entire North Sea
  • High-resolution tidal current forecast for the German coastal waters
  • Rain radar
  • Air pressure
  • German sea borders
  • Temperature at 2 metres
  • Wind speed
  • Wave height

Usage information

  • For more information on the warning areas, click on the corresponding area with the mouse....
  • There is an automated display for the North Sea tidal current forecast. This shows all tidal current forecasts and automatically cycles through all available levels from six hours before to six hours after high tide.
  • A spatial bookmark can be saved for observing a view over a longer period of time. This creates a hyperlink that contains the current view. The extent and the corresponding layer selection are saved for later reference.
  • Please use the contact form for any questions.