Ice reports and ice charts

BSH ship on ice Source: J.Holfort

Current publications

At the German coasts and in the Baltic Sea area, ice occurs only seasonally. The ice winter 2022/2023 in the northern Baltic sea area started in November. Publications from the last season are currently evaluated and will be available in the archive.

Ice reports

The Amtsblatt (Ice report) describes the ice situation in the North Sea and Baltic Sea in German and English. Ice conditions at the German coast are reported in more detail in the Ostseebericht (Baltic Sea report) and Nordseebericht (North Sea report) respectively, in German.

Ice charts

Ice charts describe the ice situation graphically. An overview ice chart of the Baltic Sea (Übersichtskarte Ostsee) is produced once a week. If there is noticeable ice production along the German coast and in the western Baltic Sea, ice charts are drawn for the respective area up to a daily basis, depending on the ice situation. Different subsectional maps may be released.


Via the following links you can access our archived publications. Please note that no ice reports or ice charts are issued for areas without ice occurrence.

Ice reports

Ice charts

Ice chart overview Baltic Sea

Ice chart German Baltic Sea coast

Ice chart Western Baltic Sea and North Sea coast