Image with mussel growth on the hull; link opens Biofouling Management Database

Biofouling Management Database

BSH developed the biofouling management database as part of the European Interreg Baltic Sea Region project COMPLETE. The project develops and supports management options to reduce the risk of invasive species introductions by shipping in the Baltic Sea Region.

The database provides information on the requirements and options for in-water cleaning of ships and boats in ports and marinas, as well as on antifouling systems, approved substances and products. Data are provided on a country-specific basis. The biocides approved in the EU are displayed in a table and the antifouling products, approved in the respective country, are linked. Regarding in-water cleaning, requirements or restrictions for all selected ports are displayed in a table, together with contact information for the responsible bodies. The database is updated and extended on a regular basis."

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