Ice conditions in the Szczecin Lagoon and Pomeranian Bay during the winters 1999–2002

Datum 01.10.2004

Berichte des Bundesamtes für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie Nr. 37/2004

Regular ice observations have been carried out in Germany since the winter of 1896/97. In winter, ice observers report information on the current ice conditions and shipping conditions in their territories to the ice cream service in encrypted form on a daily basis. These reports are currently incorporated into ice reports and ice charts. The processed data are stored in a database and form, among other things, the basis for ice climatological investigations.

Authors: Natalija Schmelzer, Klaus Strübing, Ida Stanislawczyk, Marzenna Sztobryn
Year: 2004
ISSN-No.: 0946-6010
Format: bound - 105 Seiten - DIN A4

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