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Quality management


The BSH's Quality Management System


In order to continually improve the quality of its processes and products, the BSH is operating a quality management system covering all of its operations which has been certified according to ISO 9001 by an independent accredited certification body. The focus of this control instrument is on citizens‘ interests and customers‘ wishes.

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Based on its long-term quality target, the BSH’s quality management system is being developed further and implemented in accordance with periodically updated short-term quality objectives. This includes

  • a quality policy aimed at defining clear goals and requirements and adapting them continually to changing customers‘ demands and at ensuring the safety of shipping and marine environmental protection;
  • definition of processes at the BSH in process instructionswhich apply in addition to the general administrative rules and regulations;
  • periodic in-house quality audits and management reviewsaimed at checking the effectiveness of the QM system.


Quality policy and QM measures

1 Quality target

The BSH’s quality target is to achieve maximum quality in its work. Therefore, its products, services, and work processes must have the following quality features, which are adapted to new or changing requirements as necessary.

2 Quality features

The main quality features of the BSH’s products and services are:

  • maximum customer satisfaction
  • correctness
  • reliability
  • up-to-dateness
  • timely processing
  • availability.

In order to achieve our quality target, work processes at the BSH are optimised continually in terms of overall co-ordination, economic viability, efficiency, and simplicity.

3 Measures

The following measures have been carried out to improve the quality features:

Implementation of a QM system

In order to meet the quality target, the BSH has implemented a quality management system defining applicable work procedures, responsibilities, and validation methods. In this way, possible non-conformity in the development, production, and distribution of products has been reduced to a minimum. In case non-conformity occurs in spite of that, procedures have been established to ensure that any additional enquiries, complaints, problems or critical issues are dealt with and solved in due time.

Assessment of economic viability and use of equipment

Processes and work procedures are optimised where possible and reasonable using state-of-the-art methods/techniques with a view to improving product quality and production efficiency.

Scheduling of work processes and training

Work processes at the BSH and implementation of the QM system are scheduled as efficiently as possible. That includes special professional development programmes offered to employees to improve their qualification.

The BSH includes detailed quality criteria in its annual planning, which are aimed at continually improving its processes and results. Quality requirements are expressed as concrete, measurable data (especially data indicating quality features) which are derived from the quality target. Quality requirements concerning the entire BSH or several of its departments are determined annually by the President, those affecting a single department by the Head of Department. Short-term quality requirements are only defined on the basis of target/actual comparisons.


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