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The BSH is facing the challenge of keeping up its high level of performance despite tight budgetary restraints while the demands made on its services continue to increase. A difficult economic framework has made it necessary for us to perform a critical assessment of all tasks, quality requirements, and organisational structures.

For a future-oriented development of the BSH based on its capacity to change and evolve, our employees have developed a set of basic principles serving as guidelines in our common endeavour. Our corporate principles constitute the essence of our corporate culture. They include useful elements from the ongoing reform of the public administration as well as time-honoured traditions and values from the BSH's history of over a hundred years: high qualification, motivation, acceptance of responsibility, and a sense of belonging.

Our corporate principles enable us to perform our tasks as a provider of maritime services with high competence and customer orientation. In our internal communication, they ensure a continuous flow of information and employee participation which are the prerequisites for motivation, identification, and a willingness to assume responsibility. The BSH corporate principles are continually reviewed and updated.


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