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Nachrichten für Seefahrer
(Notices to Mariners)


Official Maritime Publication

Title Notices to Mariners

Nachrichten für Seefahrer (NfS issue 24/2018 online from 14th June 2018)
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Price per month 10,50 Euro – per issue 3,00 Euro

Your orders should be addressed to the official distributors of Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie.  - Distributors in Germany and distributors abroad.

As the Ship Safety Ordinance requires carriage of the current year's NfS issues and of all issues of the preceding two years, the complete 2017 and 2016 issues are now available separately on CD at a price of  168,50 Euro per year.

Information to shipping
Currently valid navigational warnings
(NWN) from Seewarndienst Emden (radio navigational warnings service)
Temporary shoals off the German Baltic Sea coast
Temporary measuring instruments within German warning area
Regional notifications to mariners
(BfS) issued by the Waterways and Shipping Boards
Official posting sites of notifications to mariners
Maritime transport regulations

Information and extracts from Nachrichten für Seefahrer
Overview of the German navigational information service (extract from issue 1/2017 of NfS)
List of valid P and T corrections (issued weekly), PDF
List of corrections and notices (semi-annually)
List of sea areas and charts covering them (semi-annually),  PDF

Information to small and pleasure craft users
Operators of small craft that are not subject to chart carriage requirements may continue to use the BSH's correction service(list of corrections) for the charts and nautical publications issued and recommended by the BSH. The lists of corrections, which are available free of charge, do not replace the printed or digital official NfS.

Notifications from Notices to Mariners

Correction service for nautical publications based on Nachrichten für Seefahrer (NfS)
Correction of nautical charts
Correction of nautical books

Voluntary co-operation
Any information provided that helps to complete or correct the BSH‘s nautical publications is a contribution to the safety of navigation.
Please use the form Nautischer Bericht (hydrographic note) to submit such information to the BSH.
To obtain additional information about voluntary co-operation, click on Freiwillige Mitarbeit.

As from now, the central E-mail address for hydrographic data sent to the BSH is
All relevant data used by the BSH's Nautical Information Service to produce and update its products will be collected via this address.



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