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Topographic charts of the sea floor (TKS)


TKS of North and Balic Sea

 The BSH issues the official topographic charts of the sea floor for the German North and Baltic Sea areas.

The topographic maps of the sea floor are marketed by the BSH's distribution agents, bookshops, and pleasure craft outfitters. They are available in the following formats:

  • North Sea (0100-2708) as a blueprint, colour print, or pdf file at €35.00 each.
  • North Sea, Traffic Separation Schemes (GW1-GW7, TG0-T6) as a blueprint, colour print or pdf file at €35.00 each.
  • Baltic Sea (944-22516) as a blueprint, colour print, or pdf file at €35.00 each
  • Digital depth data (location co-ordinate triples) based on the German geodetic reference system DHDN and referred to chart datum are available as ASCII files (different file and co-ordinate formats available on request).
    Depth data are available at €0.01 each. A topographic map of the sea floor contains an average of 10,000 depth data. The depth contours are included in the price.Special data treatments are available at a surcharge. As regards third-party use of the BSH's charts and digital data, please refer to the licence agreements.
    Volume discounts are granted:
    • Up to 500.000 soundings         1,00 Cent
    • 500.000 bis 2 Mill. soundings  0,50 Cent
    • more than 2 Mill. soundings     0,25 Cent.
    The above discounts apply cumulatively.

Enquiries should be addressed to the BSH's hydrographic department:

  • for the North Sea: phone +49 40 3190 4139 or e-mail or
  • for the Baltic Sea: phone +49 381 4563 779 or e-mail

The official topographic maps of the sea floor issued by the BSH are sorted by area and by the first four digits.
Not all of the maps are complete with all depths and depth contours.
The subdivision by areas is as follows (please choose an area):


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If you have any additional questions, please e-mail Thomas Dehling or phone +49 381 4563 - 719

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