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This catalogue provides information about the paper charts, electronic navigational charts, small craft charts, and topographic maps of the sea floor issued by Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH, Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency).

An overview of all charts issued by the BSH is available either in the form of a list or as a display of the chart outlines indicating their geographic coverage.
By clicking on the outlines of a chart or cell, its name and number will be displayed. When using the chart list, the geographic coverage is displayed by clicking on the thumbnail of the particular chart.

The online chart catalogue is going to be amended weekly with the announcement of the Notices to Mariners.

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Help with the chart catalogue
A help function is available by clicking on the question mark. Explanations provided on the individual navigation elements will make it easy for you to use the system.

Where to buy charts
Click here for information about where to buy our navigational and small craft charts.
Topographic maps of the sea floor are available here.

Sales of nautical charts and books
This catalogue informs you about the range of products available and their properties. You cannot order products directly from this catalogue. ENCs and their digital upgrades can be purchased from certain distributors (marked in the catalogue) and value-added resellers of the International Centre for ENCs (IC-ENC). ENC prices are changing continually depending on the prevailing market conditions. To obtain information about current prices, please contact our distributors.

Webcontent accessibility
We have tried to ensure full accessibility to the BSH’s chart catalogue. However, especially our dynamic chart displays have posed some technical difficulties. We are continually trying to improve access to our web site and would ask you to inform us about any problems you may have encountered in accessing our web pages.


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If you have any additional questions, please contact Sylvia Spohn,  phone +49 381 4563 - 767 (Charts) or Thomas Dehling, phone +49 381 4563 - 719 
(Topographic charts of the sea floor)


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