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Small craft tonnage measurement


The BSH issus special certificates for pleasure craft

Pleasure craft can be measured on application by the BSH according to either of the following procedures, which are precondition for the registry.

Please also note the following Guide (for filling out) - Electronic Forms. (PDF)

This application form can either be

  • filled out online and printed as well as electronically stored, or
  • printed out first and then filled in by hand.

Simplified measurement

Pleasure craft below 24 m length are normally measured using a simplified procedure in which only the ship's length is determined. Supported by drawings, information from the applicant, and reference to vessels of the same serial type, a special certificate in two languages is issued which also includes ship's data like the yard number, building material, engine number and type.


Pleasure craft of less than 24 m length may also apply for tonnage measurement, in which case the gross and net tonnages are additionally included in the two-language tonnage certificate. Tonnage in that case is measured using a simplified formula.

Exact measurement

Pleasure craft of 24 m length and more are measured in conformity with the rules of the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969 (London Rules). Smaller vessels may also apply for tonnage measurement on the basis of the London Rules. Such vessels are issued with an International Tonnage Certificate (1969) stating the real vessel's gross and net tonnages (GT and NT).

Pleasure crafts (motor and sailing yachts) may be listed in a Ship's Register. (PDF) The registry depends on range of waters (inland or seagoing). The liability to list in a ship's register for seagoing pleasure crafts is a hull length from 15 m and more. Smaller ships can be listed voluntarily.

The BSH issues special certificates which are precondition for the registry. The place of registry depends on the German home port. After registration the owner will receive a ship's certificate, which documents the personal property to the ship and licenses to sail under German flag.



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