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Navigational Warnings and Information Service


The Navigational Warnings and Information Service informs about important navigational occurrences and alterations in German waters and adjacent European waters.

Current navigational warnings

Current navigational warnings for the entire German warning area are issued by the Maritime Warning Service
Emden, which is on duty 24 hours a day,  and promulgated via NAVTEX.

The latest navigational warnings are available here:

Survey concerning the quality of safety information via SafetyNet and NAVTEX
Navigational warnings for the North Sea

Navigational warnings for the Baltic Sea

To ensure the safety of navigation, ships are required to carry up-to-date issues of available nautical charts
and books and to keep them currently corrected.

Any corrections to charts and books after their publication are published in Nachrichten für Seefahrer
(notices to mariners), which are issued weekly by the BSH both in printed and digital form.

The corrections and information published in Nachrichten für Seefahrer concern occurrences and alterations
that are extensive or of supraregional importance.

Occurrences and alterations of local importance are promulgated by the Waterways  and Shipping Authorities
in the Bekanntmachungen für Seefahrer (notifications to mariners),  which are posted on official information
and published daily on the Internet at www.elwis.de – the electronic waterways information system
of the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration.

Temporary shoals
A list of all temporary shoals on the German Baltic Sea coast according to Bekanntmachungen für Seefahrer (notifications to mariners)

Temporary measuring instruments at German warning area
Numerous measuring instruments are established temporarily in the German coastal waters and Exclusive Economic Zone in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

Voluntary co-operation
Any information provided that helps to complete or correct the BSH‘s nautical publications is a contribution to the safety of navigation.
Please use the form Nautischer Bericht (hydrographic note) to submit such information to the BSH.
To obtain additional information about voluntary co-operation, click on Freiwillige Mitarbeit.



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