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Automatic Identification System


Novel technologies are playing a key role in ship navigation as they support those in command of a ship. BSH, whose tasks include the testing of navigational and radiocommunications equipment in Germany, operates a testing laboratory which type-tested and approved the first shipborne AIS system worldwide prior to series production. AIS (Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System) is a system providing ships on a real-time basis with latest information about the identity, voyage data, and manoeuvres of other ships which are also equipped with this system. AIS also opens up new possibilities of traffic control because Vessel Traffic Services can obtain information from the AIS land stations.

Since July 2002, it has been mandatory for all new ships to carry AIS. In the meantime, the deadline for fitting older ships with the system has been advanced from 2008 to 2004. The BSH's internationally recognized laboratory is testing the ability of AIS prototypes to communicate with each other, irrespective of equipment type and manufacturer, and investigates whether AIS can be integrated into radar systems and ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System). By type-testing and approving novel equipment, BSH enables manufacturers to start marketing their newly developed products. Manufacturers from Japan, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, and Russia are having their systems tested at the BSH.

AIS Base-stations

AIS-Base-stations are not installed on board of a vessel, so there will not an assessment of conformity in accordance with the "Schiffsausrüstungsrichtlinie" be carried out.
After successful type testing the BSH certify with an "Statement of Conformity" the performance with the relevant standards of  the type tested AIS-Base station.

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