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Submarine cables


In June 1995, the law implementing the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea entered into force under which approvals granted for the laying and operation of cables (power cables and communication cables) are subject to the regulations of the Federal Mining Act (BbergG). The approval process corresponds to that for transit pipelines.

Power cables

In the near future, high-voltage direct current transmission cables are planned to be laid across the German continental shelf in the North Sea. They will transport hydroelectric power from Norway. In the process, three-phase current will be converted to direct current for transport, after which it will be converted back to three-phase current.

The cable -NorNed- from Norway to the Netherlands, with a length of 570 km, has already been approved and will be routed through the Jade to Eemshaven, probably by the end of 2007. A bipolar, flat-type cable will be used weighing about 60 kg/m. The transmission voltage will be 600 kV. The total diameter of the cable is 13 cm. Its state-of-the-art design ensures optimum environmental protection.

The cable will be laid by a special lay barge capable of carrying about 6.600 tons of cables. The cable will be lowered from the barge into the North Sea and buried about 1 m deep in the seabed. The necessary seabed surveys have been made, and a suitable cable route has been determined under the guidance of the BSH.


Communication cables

Although modern technology allows the high-speed transmission of data via satellite, more and more state-of-the-art fibre optic telecommunication cables are being laid on the seabed. Such cables are less susceptible to failure and provide higher transmission speeds, making also transatlantic communications economically viable.

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