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Water temperatures and heat contents


In order to make weather forecasts and understand changes taking place in marine ecosystems, knowledge of current water temperatures and of the heat contents of seas and oceans is indispensable.

By monitoring temperatures and the heat content of sea water, the BSH is also making an important contribution to observations of man-made climate change. Moreover, the BSH's monitoring data support marine research in its endeavours to enhance knowledge about the seas and oceans.

The BSH’s measuring activities are an integral part of national and international ocean and climate monitoring programmes. Different methods are used to collect the data: measurements at the stations of the BSH’s Marine Environmental Monitoring Network MARNET and at other stations, shipborne measurements, floating buoys, and satellite remote sensing. The quality-controlled measurement data are fed into data storage and distribution systems and are processed into products such as charts and statistics.


Maps and Statistics

Maps of the sea surface temperatures of the North Sea

Maps of the monthly mean SST/SSS charts at Helgoland - Reede

Maps of the water temperatures and heat contents of the North Sea

Ship-of-Opportunity-Programme Atlantik

North Sea Atlas - Temperature, Salintiy, Density and Heat Content




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If you have any additional questions or data requests concerning water temperatures and heat contents, please e-mail Alexander Frohse or phone +40 3190 3212;
concerning the North Sea atlas, please e-mail Achim Schulz or phone +40 40 3190 - 3213,


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