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Remote sensing


Satellite remote sensing provides a broad-area coverage of the sea surface in real time, supplementing the conventional, mostly time delayed spot or profile measurements from fixed platforms or vessels.

Since 1990 the BSH has been receiving and processing AVHRR-data from the polar orbiting NOAA-satellites and since September 2009 also from the Europian weather satellite MetOp by EUMETCast as well, and the BSH produces routine marine products on a daily basis. Several times a day, the satellites transmit images of the Earth's surface in the visible and thermal infrared spectral ranges. By using adjusted processing techniques the BSH produces charts of ice distribution and sea surface temperature (SST). In order to eliminate cloud covered areas as far as possible the charts are generated from combining several weather satellite passes.
Satellite measurements of SST provide important and basic information on the characterization of water temperatures in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Additional quality controlled measurements from MARNET stations as well as ships´ and drifting buoys´ data are used for the weekly charts of sea surface temperatures in the North Sea and Baltic Sea areas.
Furthermore charts showing the variable state of chlorophyll and suspended matter in the seas are also produced. This data is provided by Brockmann Consult GmbH which is based on measurements provided by the VIIRS-sensor onboard Suomi NPP, an environmental and weather satellite which is operated by NASA and NOAA.

New ! Now monthly SST charts based on satellite data also include statistical information, e.g. bar graphs showing the mean values, the range or differences from long-term average measurements. Further information about the average SST values for all months and years is presented in a North Sea Overview or a Baltic Sea Overview.

Eastern North Sea / Western Baltic Sea
Current satellite image:

Current satellite image of the eastern North Sea / western Baltic Sea

SST : Eastern North Sea / Western Baltic Sea

Northern Baltic Sea


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