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Moorings, monitoring platforms and buoys


Time series measurements

Moorings represent an other possibility to obtain physical data in the ocean. A chain of instruments is moored at a selected position, secured to the bottom by a large weight. The instruments record the data internally while the mooring is out in the sea and data can be down-loaded once the mooring has been recovered. Time series of currents, temperature, and salinity among other parameters are acquired by these moorings. Deployment periods vary between several days and weeks up to long time deployments for up to 2 years.

Other local time series are supplied by the observational network MARNET .  Here, the instrument chains are connected to special surface buoys, unmanned light vessels or fixed platforms. In contrast to moorings the data are not stored internally but transmitted directly to a land station. In general the data are received every hour by the land station and allow an up-to-date description of the state of the ocean.


The measurement platform FINO  | Schematic of a mooring  


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