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The statutory tasks of the BSH include the monitoring of physical parameters in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. These data are collected during monitoring cruises and by means of  permanently installed monitoring platforms. A variety of different parameters have to be measured to characterise the ocean entirely. These include - among other properties - temperature, salinity, and current speed and direction. A compilation of the most recent data is given in the annual oceanographic status reports for the North Sea and German Bight.

The applied measurement techniques are as diverse as the physical parameters that have to be monitored. But all methods have one thing in common: highest demands for accuracy and reliability for the operation of instruments in rough seas.

Numerical models create a genuine flood of numbers, which are an important counterpart to the  in-situ measurements . The model simulations support the maritime services provided by the BSH for the safety of shipping and for the marine environment.

Physical in-situ data are complemented by values that derive from numerical modelling carried out for BSH maritime services in support of shipping and marine sciences.

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