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Deep Sea drifters


Autonomously operating instruments

A recent technological development are profiling drifters which move up and down through the water column in the ocean. Historically the drifters go back to the ‘message in a bottle’ principle. They are programmed to sink to a selected depth where they are carried around passively by ocean currents. At chosen time intervals they ascend to the surface, sampling temperature and salinity data on their way to the surface. At the surface the floats transmit their data to a satellite which relays the data to a land station. The float sinks back to its original depth and a new cycle begins. The sequence of surfacing positions provides an idea about the intensity  of the deep currents in the investigation area.

In the framework of the international ARGO-Projects  these floats will be used to set up an operational network of measurement platforms in the ocean. Within the next year the BSH will have deployed approximately 30 floats as part of the German contribution to ARGO network.


Deployment of an ARGO float


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