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MARNET monitoring network


Marine Environmental Monitoring Network in the North Sea and Baltic Sea

red point indicating stations out of service
Measuring station out of service

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Measuring station operating

red triangle indicating stations out of service
Sea state station out of service

green triangle indicating stations in use
Sea state station operating

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) operates a Marine Environmental Monitoring Network in the North Sea and Baltic Sea (MARNET) which presently comprises eleven automated measuring stations.

Climate data for the stations Deutsche Bucht, EMS, Kiel and Fehmarn Belt is now available on the station side !

Information and measurements
data Baltic Sea:

Fehmarn Belt
Darßer Schwelle
Arkona Becken
Oder Bank


Sensor equipment of the stations.

Find out more about MARNET (pdf file, size 6KB)

Picture gallery

section map Nordseeboje II position 55°00'N 06°20'E section map Nordseeboje III position 54°41'N 06°47'E section map Deutsche Bucht position 54°10'N 07°27'E section map Ems position 54°10'N 06°21'E section map FINO 1 position 54°01'N 06°35'E section map Elbe position 54°00'N 08°07'E section map Kiel position 54°30'N 10°16'E section map Fehmarn Belt position 54°36'N 11°09'E section map Darßer Schwelle position 54°42'N 12°42'E section map Arkona Becken position 54°53'N 13°52'E section map Oder Bank position 54°05'N 14°10'E


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