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The German Oceanographic Data Centre ( das deutsche ozeanographische Datencenter) DOD was established in 1967 by an addendum to the Meteor-contract between the German Hydrographic Institute (DHI, the predecessor of the BSH) and the DFG, the German Research Foundation.

In addition to this Meteor-contract of 1961, the background was the Resolution No.9 of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) for the oceanographic data exchange. For this purpose the contracting parties have been recommended to establish National Oceanographic Data centres in their country. Since 1967, the DOD is appointed as an NODC within the IOC.

This was supplemented by an interministerial circular letter by the ministry of transport in 1987 to submit all marine observations to the DHI (DOD). In particular also Metadata such as ROSCOP forms, which are nowadays called Cruise Summary Reports , have been explicitly mentioned.

Besides these national and global structures, the DOD is partner within the European network of presently 35 oceanographic data centres. SeaDataNet serves as a portal to integrate data and information to make them accessible online.

DOD is part of the "Data and Interpretation systems" unit of the marine research department at BSH. The duties of this unit are the further development and operation of BSH's geo-data infrastructure.
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