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Cruise Programs

Current Cruise Programmes of the German Research Vessels

FS Alkor
FS Alkor © GEOMAR / Fr. Krellenberg
VWFS Atair
VWFS Atair © BSH
FFS Clupea
FFS Clupea © Thünen-Institut/D.Stepputtis
VS Capella
VS Capella © BSH
VWFS Deneb
VWFS Deneb © BSH
FS E. M. Borgese
FS Elisabeth Mann Borgese © IOW / R. Prien
MS Haithabu
MS Haithabu © LLUR / Dr. J. Voß
FS Heincke
FS Heincke © AWI
VS Komet
VS Komet © BSH
FK Littorina
FK Littorina © GEOMAR / Katja Machill
FS Maria S. Merian
FS Maria S. Merian © UHH / Hr. Verch
FS Meteor
FS Meteor © UHH / T. Wasilewski
FB Navicula
FB Navicula © ICBM / S.Riexinger
FB Otzum
FB Otzum © ICBM / S.Riexinger
WFS Planet III
WFS Planet III © Bundeswehr
FB Polarfuchs
FB Polarfuchs © GEOMAR / J. Steffen
FS Polarstern
FS Polarstern © AWI
FS Poseidon
FS Poseidon © GEOMAR / J. Steffen
FS Ludwig Prandtl
FS Ludwig Prandtl © HZG / Christian Schmid
FS Schall
FS Schall © HARACO Holding
FK Senckenberg
FK Senckenberg © Senckenberg
FFS Solea
FFS Solea © Thünen-Institut /
C. Zimmermann
FS Sonne
Sonne Neubau © UHH / M. Hartig
FK Südfall
FK Südfall
FK Uthörn
FK Uthörn © AWI
FFS W. Herwig III
FFS Walther Herwig III © Thünen-Institut
FB Zephyr
FB Zephyr © ICBM / S.Riexinger



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