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Since 1967 the German Oceanographic Data Centre DOD has been appointed as a National Oceanographic Data Centre within the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC). It serves as the focal point of the national and international exchange of oceanographic data.

DOD’s priority duty is to acquire, quality control and archive the marine data and information as collected by 25 German research vessels, and make them searchable, accessible online and on request.

Oceanographic, chemical and biological data of more than 100 institutions are archived at the DOD. They originate from research and monitoring programmes as well as from the German navy. The data reach partly back till 1873, such as temperature measurements near Helgoland island. In addition we acquire and archive data and information by the notification act, when foreign research is conducted within German waters (Foreign office).

Our End-to-End data management approach starts from the cruise planning via sampling at sea till documentation and archiving, if possible till the publishing of the results. In this process DShip, CSR und Data inventories are important tools.

Besides the data submission to international organisations, providing data to scientists online and on request are of highest priority. About 50% of the 120 yearly data requests originate from universities. The data are free and publicly accessible!

The National Oceanographic Database comprises currently data and information from more than 10.000 cruises and almost 300.000 stations with more than 45 million data values of about 900 parameters. These are mainly oceanographic variables such as temperature and salinity, chemical variables with nutrients, organic, inorganic and radioactive components in seawater, sediments and biota (fish and mussels). Within its Geodata-infrastructure, marine monitoring data are offered.

DOD - activities:

  • Acquire, quality control and archive marine data and information gathered by 25 German research vessels

  • Providing data to scientists, online and on request

  • To meet Germany´s international data exchange obligations according to IOC and other regulations

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If you have any additional questions, please e-mail DOD Data Centre or phone +49 40 3190 - 3410


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